"Promoting the potential of people and organizations"

About ON SIDE Leadership Coaching

Growing Capacity

Learning Leaders grow by struggling to discover what it means to "Get Clear" "Focus" and "Get There" as people who contribute to their communities and  organizations.

As a leadership, management and governance  specialist Mitch works as a coach and  "strategic thinking partner" who supports the learning journey of leaders as they become increasingly intentional and capable regarding ... 

  • purpose
  • vision
  • values
  • guiding principles
  • culture of organization discovery
  • culture of organization reorientation
  • priorities
  • action plan objectives
  • capacity to achieve

Non Directed Coaching Approach

This coaching approach asks to be invited into conversations to discover and support the thinking of the leader. Through careful listening, reflection, and the provision of strategically designed "I wonder" questions the leader processes their thinking.

It is  their thinking that will refine their conclusions thus crystallizing their objectives, priority areas for focus, and strategies for intervention.

Access to the organization where the leader serves to observe the circumstances and unique aspects of culture that are in play may be helpful.

"Leaders are people who are clear about their person and their purposes ... who take the initiative to promote their influence with intentionality and integrity." (Mitch Seeley)